The silly season is here, and in light of the upcoming festivities, the general public is being asked to be aware of their surroundings at all times - as per usual. For young people like ourselves, it is wise to be in company of three to four persons whenever we going out. Always let your loved ones know about your whereabouts, since most of us tend to disappear for days on what is commonly called 'weekend aways' . Yes, it's the holiday season and the brains are said to be on holiday as well, but never let that deter you from making wise and informed choices in whatever  you gonna be doing during the festive season. Also, at this time of the year, criminals are also on their toes with binoculars on their eyes, waiting to prey on your hard earned fruits - so always be on the look out. For shopping heads (especially ladies), the downtown area in JHB is usually transformed into a hub of all criminal activities during the festive season. Be alert whenever walking around those areas in town... But I would advise you to do your shopping at a more safe and sophisticated centres like The Zone in Rosebank or Melrose Arch - And I still emphasize on the word SAFE. Just be safe wherever your heart desires to go. Thus in conclusion I would like to say whatever it is that you get up to during this silly season, be safe. Drink and party responsibly. We are young. Let us enjoy life to the fullest. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2015!!!! 🙂 By Sbongiseni Khumalo