The shenanigans of the rich and famous have certainly always fascinated us-leaving us always wanting to know more, see more and be kept abreast of all the latest breaking news and scandals! This past weekend was no different- and we have rounded up some of te juiciest titbits from Celebville! Starting off with the nuptials of Solange Knowles (28) to her music video director beau Alan Ferguson (51), the two lovebirds tied the knot in intimate ceremony attended by only a handful of close friends and family. The ceremony took place in New Orleans on Sunday, at the Marigny Opera House. The cool, vibrant and jazzy town provided the perfect backdrop for the eclectic Solo to pledge her love to her man. Looking absolutely regal in a white Stéphane Rolland wedding dress with a cape and a bright red lip, Solo said “I do” to her man who was absolutely dapper in a matching white suit and shirt with no tie. wsefgswefgwe The happy couple then rode off on bicycles after the ceremony. Without a doubt one of the coolest weddings in Lala-Land in recent times. We are definitely swooning! Among the 200-odd guests was of course, the sister of the bride Beyoncé and her adorable family, singer Janelle Monae and mom Tina Knowles. The Carters were also clad in white- joining the festivities which we are certain went well into the early hours of Monday morning. We love Love, and wish these two only the best in their marriage and life together. Mazel tov! In other showbiz news, the Aaliyah biopic that premiered this past Saturday was said to be a complete flop! Produced by talk show host Wendy Williams, the made-for-television biopic seemed doomed from the start! With the late R&B’s songstress’s family being totally opposed to the idea of the film, as well as one of her closest friends in the music business Timbaland, also not being on board with the idea, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked at the outcome. The hit maker took to social media to further express his very frank disdain for the film- urging fans not to waste their time watching it! Burn! sfewrfeswdfe Another critique coming from those who watched it is that the actors portraying the main characters looked nothing like the originals. With fashion’s it-girl Zendaya Coleman having been originally touted to play Aaliyah but dropping out at the last minute, it was left to newcomer Alexandra Shipp to revive the role and bring to life the iconic R&B songstress- whose life was cut short after a fatal plane crash back in 2001. Her lacklusture performace, plus the film not using any of Aaliyah’s original songs made the biopic a somewhat lukewarm affair. Aaliyah’s life was not without controversy- having allegedly been secretly married to crooner R Kelly when she was only 15 and he a very mature 28! The biopic premiered on America’s Lifetime Network, and although no plans have been announced to take it worldwide, we’re pretty sure you will not be missing much. On the local scene there seems to be a case of déjà vu for local lass Nonhle Thema. The TV personality seems to have lost it again with one of her infamous rants. While doing charity work in Botswana at the weekend with BFF and fellow limelight-hogger Khanyi Mbau, Miss Nonhle allegedly yelled some insults about the ladies of Botswana-calling them “skinny, ugly and infected with AIDS”. Nonhle vehemently denies these allegations, saying instead that she was just being the “jealous girlfriend” while talking to her boyfriend over the phone- who happened to be in a different country. Nonhle offers the explanation that she was talking not about the ladies in Botswana, but referring to the men-stealers wherever her boyfriend was! Hmmm. Whatever or whomever she was referring to, we still think it is totally inappropriate to speak in that manner about anyone- especially for someone in the public eye! Someone like Nonhle should know the repercussions of careless utterings- after losing very lucrative endorsements deals and her very own reality TV show back in 2012 after her series of crazy rants on social media. Twitter was set on fire since the alleged incident- with many fans expressing their shock and disappointment at the comments made by the star who’s since been on a journey to revive her struggling entertainment career. .sergfsdrgfer Well, history seems to be repeating itself, as she has just gotten yet another lucrative deal pulled out from under her like a rug. Shoe company Madison: the Heart of New York with whom she had signed a deal earlier this year officially announced the termination of their relationship with Nonhle, stating that: “Due to the alleged circumstances of this trip and its repercussions, we regret to announce Ms Nonhle Thema is no longer brand ambassador for Madison, The Heart of New York shoes”. This should be a big lesson for anyone in the entertainment industry-always watch what you say, when you say it and the people around whom you say it! Your name, reputation and image are your brand- and protecting that image should be a priority at all times. Can’t say we feel sorry for Nonhle though, she of all people should know better! So many stories, so little space! Make sure to catch the next edition of all things celeb- hot off the press- next week Tuesday. Till then, we’ll be keeping our fingers on the pulse to bring them to you raw and real! Photo credits: