The instants, the moments The inferiors, the superiors The feeblest, the durables The defeats, the victories The grieves and the bliss We've experienced it all We've experie The trips travelled with strangers as we all passengers Between our hustles we remain as messengers With an attitude of go-getters and GOD in mind to bless us As we about to bid "20-for-thina" farewell We appreciate the breath which still pant on our temples We appreciate the dreams which still echos on our emotions The spirit which still sting as our passion The voice which whispers words of hope on our actions The sight which sees reality of life on our session We appreciate the strength harbored to conquer on our missions Thus tears, saddness, laughter happiness, hope, courage and self-belief keeps us going Warning the fire flaming towards reaching there is still burning The hard work instilled is still paving Its not about how we started yet is mostly about how we will conclude Kalimambo 2014 by Nyiko Cage