vgvgvgv Tell us 7 facts about you? 1 - I am an actress 2 - I love cleaning (OCD) 3 - I chew elastics when I am stressed 4 - I have over 200 bottles of nailpolish 5 - I have a fear of heights 6 - I loathe manual cars 7 - I studied to become a criminal profiler What are some of the most interesting things about your background. Where did you grow up and what kind of kid were you? I grew up in Potch, North West and I was raised by my grandparents. I had the privilege of being raised by amazing, kind hearted people who taught me that kindness & compassion come first. I had a very happy and colourful childhood in the Kasi - the best place to raise a child. I was such a tomboy growing up....which I still am to be honest. LOL! I was an extrovert, I loved the outdoors and I was constantly with friends, finding ourselves in trouble here and there. The right kind of trouble that assisted in shaping me to be who I am today. 🙂 I love Potch. Our readers are surely interested on some of your favourite items. What is your favourite Car, Book, Artist, Movie, Quote, Sports and Job? Fave car - The latest Merceded A Class. I DIE!!! Fave Book - The Valkyries By Paulo Coelho Fave Artist - Donny Hathaway Fave Movie - Boy In the Stripped Pyjamas Fave Quote - I have quite a few but Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” stands out for me. Fave Sport - Yikes, I don’t have one. 🙁 oh wait, DRUMMIES! Haha! Fave Job - Acting How where your campus days? Where did you study and what kind of student were you? I loved my days on Campus. I think it was mainly because I enjoyed what I was studying and my friends made all my days bearable. I also loved the fact that our campus was small and intimate, it was a very friendly environment and the students were from all walks of Africa so there was always so much to learn from each other. I was a chilled student. I went to class when I had to although I had a late assingnment here and there. I balanced my studying and student night outs pretty well. I loved my time on campus. 🙂 How did you get into the industry? What are some of the most interesting gigs you’ve done, how are you finding the industry and what are you plans for the future? I got into the industry through my first advert ever, which was the Wimpy cheesanator. It all starts with getting a good agent and I was fortunate enough to have been directed to one when I was searching for ways to get started with my acting career. The most interesting gig I have done thus far is Big Brother Africa. It exposed to a big portion of Africa and I met some of the most incredible people in the process. I learned a lot through my experience in BBA. My plans for the future involve acting, fitness and more acting. Acting is all I have wanted to do so I hope I will be doing it for as long as I can. Boity_MicampusMag What are some of the factors you enjoy as a South African woman, do you think women have a stronger voice in SA? What is your vision of a twenty second century African woman? Being a woman in SA means endless opportunities. It means respect. It means having to work the hardest. It means constantly having to prove yourself worthy of a lot of things. But all in all - it genuinely just means being one of the most beautiful creations on this earth. Women in this country are incredibly strong and so empowered. I meet them on a daily. We are more blessed than we actually admit and realise. My vision for women in general - Independence, Education and Freedom comes to mind. A woman who can be strong and independent without having to conform to societal rules. A woman who is accepted in high positions without being compared to a man. Women supporting each other. That would be phenomenal. You are iFani and probably many guys out there’s biggest crush what do you have to say about that and who is the Current lucky guy? It is incredibly flattering. And I appreciate all the love. I am happily single. What message do you have for young girls out there who aspire to be like you? Well, this is the advice I give to everyone for whatever it is they wish to achieve: do not allow anyone to convince you that your dream is not worth chasing. Only you, God and your heart know and understand the worth & importance of that dream. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dream and are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in making that dream for you. Do not confuse the universe - don’t pray for something and then act like u don’t believe that its going to happen. Assist God and the universe and take the necessary steps to making it happen. Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and words. Speak your hopes and dreams into the world. And lastly - recognize, understand, appreciate your worth.