tgdhkry ---By Sally Ledwaba The festive season is upon us and we thought it would be appropriate to bring you beauty essentials which will see you through the party season and see you walking from a day meeting or lunch to an evening event. This season is filled with a lot of events and there is just something about tmiFestive that gets people to unwind a little and become more courageous. Whatever the deal is, we are here to ensure that you do not go out there looking a mess but go through festive looking flawless and ever so gorgeous. First and foremost, always have good moisturizers on hand, one that has a minimum of SPF 15 is recommended. These will keep your face hydrated and protected from the heat at all times. Foundation is always essential. It smoothens your skin and it is important that the foundation you use matches your skin tone at all times. Looking ashy or grey is a huge makeup crime! It is recommended that you must have a long wear eye liner and mascara in your bag at all times. These two items always help to keep you looking awake. Have a good balance of lip colours in your bag, colours that are more natural and others that are more bold and bright. Bright colored lip colors usually add some spunk to an outfit or a look without having to wear full makeup. You are therefore encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and be bold these festive season. Always keep a good lip balm too so that you can hydrate your lips too.  

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For a quick and easy way to shape and define your eyebrows, try the Essence eyebrow kit, which comes with three stencils and a manual to assist you in shaping and filling your eyebrows. 56utuNot everyone is into wearing eye shadows and we all know that the festive season is usually a glittery affair. Wearing glitter is encouraged for late night parties or dinner dates. It should be avoided at all costs during the day as it can easily leave you looking like a disco ball. If you are to wear eye shadow keep it more natural and go for warm brown tones. The eyes hadow palette pictured below is from Clicks stores and retails for R49,95 tyjtyujTo define your cheekbones and keep yourself looking photo ready add some blush and keep the blush minimal. A bronzer is recommended as it is a more natural way of highlighting and countering those cheekbones. Love your Look, Love Festive.