Seen as a luxury by many- some can’t seem to get the better of their pros and cons and the disadvantages they have. But like any other ‘good thing’, gadgets have got their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that not everyone can afford these expensive things and to some it’s impossible to catch up with them as they constantly change. What was considered to be the latest this year, next year it will be in the forgotten list by some. Gadgets are used as a primary source of pleasure, information or preferential manner of communication and social means of networking; they have taken up a huge consignment in the contemporary era. 2013/2014 was a big year for the gadgets industry. It’s no secret that companies like Google, Apple and Samsung are always looking to expand and develop the next big innovation that changes the way people look at technology. Let’s look back at which one made the best impact this year.
  • iPhone 5C: Admittedly this device was a bit lack-luster when it was released, however, the plastic backed iPhone 5C makes out list because of what it means for the future of cell-phones from Apple. Previously people only had the option to be a generation out-of-date if they couldn’t afford the newest toy from Apple. This was an entirely new track for iPhone fans to ride.
  • Xbox One/PlayStation 4: We know students, after spending sleepless nights in those Assignments and exams, they want to unwind a little bit and not all of them go clubbing with friends. We could spend all day talking about which next-gen console is better. Not only these two were the most sought after gifts from parents but they’ll continue to be a main staple in the tech industry for many years to come.
  • Samsung galaxy s5: This phone is not different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, expect for a few feature upgrades. Powerful with a fantastic camera and incredible battery life. Factor in the Gear wearables and the Galaxy s5 becomes the most comprehensive smartphone package around. Subtly improved and smartly refined, this phone was a superior superphone that hit every mark but the sharpest design.
  • Galaxy Tab S 10.5: Students’ ‘greatest need’ would be a Laptop, for typing those lengthy pages Assignments and perhaps reading notes, but they also use these to watch movies. Yes, laptops are portable, but tablets are even better and they can have the same features as a laptop and most students fell for these gadgets. The Galaxy Tab S generates brighter and more dynamic images than LCDs with vivid and deep blacks. Very sleek and slim, this tab can be put in a pocket while rocking your music on it.
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  • Toshiba Chromebook 2: Not long ago these machines were little more than cheap netbook running Google’s OS. But Chromebooks are getting better in almost every way and the new Toshiba Chromebook 2 is proof. Similar to the original, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is made of a silvery, textured plastic that’s easy to grip.