YEIGO-COMMUNICATIONS Repalang Rabana is the co-founder and CEO of Yeigo Communications. She was listed on the Forbs list before 30 years, featured on CNN article ‘Africa’s Marisa Meyers’, mentioned in Oprah’s Power List in 2012 and holds many other accolades. Rabana was always a shining star as she matriculated from Roedean School in Johannesburg in 2001 as a deputy head girl. She is a Sotho girl raised from Gaborone, Bostwana and moved to Johannesburg, then Cape Town where she studied her Bachelor’s degree in Business Science (Computer Science Honours). She started her career very early when she got straight out of University. She partnered with her classmates, Lungisa Matshoba and Andrew Snowden to begin a company called ReKindle Learning. Their company started with just an internet connection and a cheap laptop. In Varsity they had a problem with communicating within a short range and an idea evolved of using the internet to do so instead of ‘Please-call-me’s’. In an interview with Venture Africa, she mentions how they had just the thought as a start-up, but through hard work, perseverance and commitment, were able to make a success out of it. She mentioned how people had different appetites coming out of Varsity and it was important to evaluate each person to whom you’d want to partner with. She enjoys spending time with her partners and considers them the most influential people in her life. She describes how her relationship with them is based on trust and that what makes their partnership really work, is because they all have the same values. forbes-africaaugustissue20131r-rabana-small ReKindle Learning began in 2006 whereby VoIP was a new and innovative idea globally, they launched the VoIP application in 2007 which was the first in the world. In 2008 they partnered with Telfree Group from which their company became Yeigo Communications.  Yeigo Communications is a company that focuses on the mobile phone and also desktop, it develops a software for telecoms-related services that include Voice over Internet Protocol, Instant messaging, SMS Messaging and Push Email Services. They provide a unified suite of communication services that allows you to make calls, send SMS’s, chat and email, all in one application. Their offices are based in Cape Town, but also have offices in Pretoria and partners in China and Germany. Rabana believes that how you spend your time shapes the person you are and who you going to become. She spends her time wisely and is involved in many projects including the Pan African asset management where she serves on the board of Nisela Capital, the United Nations World Summit Awards where she is an Ambassodor and Juror, a Harambe Assossiate and also an Endeavor ‘high-impact’ entrepreneur. She is also the Chairperson of Ubuntu Africa Child Health Care which is an NGO providing a lifesaving health-care for children infected with HIV/AIDS.  She is the person to look out for and is passionate about inspiring the youth. She has mentioned as well that there are many opportunities out there, it is however the people with dreams who will be able to use them to their full advantage.   During these holidays, you too can be inspired to create your very own technology that the world has need for but has not acknowledged yet. Use Rabana’s advice and pursue your dream, endless of opportunities are waiting to be grabbed. You have to get up and take them, it is not going to happen any other way. Be inspired, many graduates are still waiting to be employed, push for entrepreneurship instead, it is possible.   by Nontobeko Lekhuleni