IMG_8521 miCOVERFEATURE miFACTS Name: Senzo Surname: Vilakazi Age: 25 AKA: hahaha well...... miBackground Where are you from? EAST RAND, KATLEHONG Where did you grow up? KATLEHONG Which high school did you go to? J.G STRYDOM, CLADELTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, LANDULWAZI HIGH(THOKOZA) What were you like in high school? I STARTED OFF AS A QUIET, OBEDIENT STUDENT AND THEN I STARTED WRITING AND RAPPING AND BECAME THE COOL ASS KID HAHAHA How many are you at home? THREE. I HAVE AN OLDER BROTHER AND A YOUNGER SISTER What sport did you play growing up? I PLAYED SOCCER. IT WAS ACTUALLY THE FIRST DREAM Who raised you? I WAS RAISED BY MY MOTHER What kind of teenager were you? VERY SHY BUT COOLER THAN MOST IMG_8579 miFovourites Car: vintage mercs Sports: SOCCER Movie: AUGUST RUSH Book: VERONIKA MUST DIE BY PAULO COELHO Quote: LET THINGS HAPPENS AS THEY MAY miBeginnings When did you first develop Love for music in particular hip-hop? BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL AFTER MESSING WITH POETRY How would you describe your style of music? IT’S NOT A STYLE. IT’S JUST THE SHIT I WOULD LISTEN TO IN THE PERFECT WORLD. What else do you do apart from music? I RUN A RECORD LABEL AND EVENTS COMPANY CALLED URBANTAINMENT miFashion Who does your hair style? WHOEVER HAS CLIPPERS What’s your favourite hair style? I DON’T HAVE ONE Please define your fashion style? I’M A THROW ON WHATEVER IS CLEAN KIND OF GUY What inspires your look? IT’S OCCASION BASED IMG_8532 miYouthDay What does youth day mean to you? IT’S A REMINDER NOT TO FORGET WHERE WE ARE FROM AND WHAT IT TOOK FOR US TO BE HERE AND WHERE WE STILL NEED TO GO. What do you think is the biggest challenge confronting the youth of day? IDENTITY AND KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH THE OPPORTUNITIES GIVEN TO US How can we overcome this challenge? WE JUST NEED TO KNOW WHO WE ARE. miMandela Day What does Mandela Day mean to you as a YOUNG South African today? THIS MAN LEFT AN IMMORTAL LEGACY THAT MAYBE NO MAN WILL EVER FOLLOW AND CELEBRATING HIS BIRTHDAY BY REACHING OUT AND HELPING THE LESS FORTUNATE THEN IT SHOULD BE SOMETHING WE ALL FOLLOW. IT’S A REMINDER THAT NOT EVERYONE IS DOING AS WELL AS YOU MIGHT BE. How do you think the youth perceive Mandela Day? I THINK WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN DIFFERENT PERCEPTIONS How are you going to celebrate this day? I DONATED SOME BLANKETS AND A FREE PERFORMANCE IN KATLEHONG. miEntrepreneurship Do you think there is a right mental attitude towards entrepreneurship in this country? YES BECAUSE MORE AND MORE OF THE YOUTH ARE GETTING INTERESTED IN IT. THERE’S A CURIOSITY. Who are the best young entrepreneurs that you know? SYABONGA METANE AND WHOEVER IS NOT DEPENDANT ON A SALARY. miInspiration Looking back to when it first began, what is the one thing you most proud of and what is the one thing you have learnt that you will never forget in your industry? I’M PROUD OF HAVING MADE MY MOM PROUD. THE GAME IS NOT DESIGNED TO MAKE LIFE ANY EASIER. Any message for the youth out there? DO YOU, GET YOURS, GET OUT. Anything to Add? DAKAR IS OUT IN STORES!!! IT’S THE BEST RAP ALBUM OUT RIGHT NOW. A DAMN CLASSIC.