RMB Winter School

In the first week of July each year we run the RMB Winter School. This is an opportunity for students to spend a week at the bank to better understand what we do. It also feeds into the recruitment of graduates for the following year (in this case 2016).

Applications for this programme are now open and referrals are welcome.

Criteria are unfortunately (due to volume of applicants) non-negotiable –

• Students should have no prior work experience and need to be in their final year of postgraduate study (Hons, Masters or PhD)
• Students should be in the appropriate area of study – B.Com
Finance, Investments, Actuarial, Maths of Finance, Pure Math, Computational Math, B.Bus Sci Finance etc. as well as Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems.

To apply, students should send a CV, all academic transcripts and a brief motivation letter to winterschool@rmb.co.za. If applying to the FINANCE winter school please add the subject line “Application to the RMB Finance Winter School”. If applying to the IT (Technology) winter school please add the subject line “Application to the RMB IT Winter School”

Applications close 15th March and interviews will take place on campus from March through May. There is additional information on our website.