facial mask2 We take off from where we left last week by bringing you more tips on how to give your skin the care it deserves. Your skin is a living organ therefore, it needs to be fed with all good nutrients to keep it well-nourished and moisturized. In that regard, the recommend that we start to include facial masks into our weekly skin care routines. The good thing about facial masks is that you only need to do the treatment once a week. download 3   This becomes very necessary especially when your skin starts to appear lifeless and dull.  Facial masks will be of great help in keeping your skin hydrated, as they are very effective in absorbing excess oil from your skin and can deeply cleanse pores, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother. This routine is essential in preparing your skin for a flawless makeup application. Facial mask treatment are also of helpful in combating common skin problems such as oiliness, acne and dry skin, but careful attention should be paid to the ingredients of facial masks if you have severe skin problems. With all that said, ensure that you use your facial mask after thorough cleansing and exfoliation for a better effect. Having a health skin is not an option, its mandatory now ensure you give it all the care it is worthy of. Stay beautiful. For more beauty tips follow @sallyledwaba on twitter and instagram photocred: www.hercampus.com