---Make-up Mondays by Sally Ledwaba As we prepare for the year ahead, we deem it necessary to also prepare our skins as well to ensure that we are always looking flawless. Caring for your skin is not optional it is a necessity. The way you look plays a vital role in shaping your self-image and how you feel about yourself. When your skin is fresh and glowing with good health, you become less reliant on makeup and it boosts your confidence and self-assurance. exfliation   images.jpg_3 accessed  from: dermadoctor.com Today, we will be giving a little more insight why exfoliation needs to be incorporated in your daily or weekly skincare routine. Exfoliation is a process that is meant to support your support your daily skincare routine, it removes old and dead skin leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth and fresh. It is not recommended that you exfoliate daily, but twice a week is enough to leave you with healthy skin. Since the outer layer of dead cells is removed by the process of exfoliating, moisturizers and creams penetrate the skin better and have a better effect. We recommend the Nivea scrub to exfoliate your skin and it retails for R39.99 at Clicks or alternatively, you can mix brown sugar, tablespoon of olive or coconut and honey which is just as effective for this process. downloadimages (1)   pictures obtained from www.niveasa.com and www.diybudgetgirl.com Keep giving your skin the care it needs and stay beautiful. For more enquiries: follow Sally Ledwaba on twitter and instagram @sallyledwaba