‘Direction is Power’ By Ashley Thekiso @AshOfCeremonies [Program Director/MC, Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer] Dear fellow hustler: It may seem hard at times to figure out what you want but if you don’t; you may be heading for destruction or rather a very unhappy future. Direction is what I am talking about fellas. All I am saying is that you need to have an end goal in mind for every single project you take on, for every venture you take on, and for your life in general. When I write this article today I write it knowing that from the many students that will read it perhaps one will take the advice that I give and use it for their benefit; that is my aim, to impact a life per article. You see; most of the youth of today who call themselves ‘hard workers’ do not know the why they are channelling so much energy into their daily routines, it’s either they followed friends or they followed the majority in study or work life. This is no way to live a young life! Change your routine, change your habits and do something new today, do something spontaneous that is not like you. Set goals for your life and have a reason for why you do what you do and do it better than the rest. People who succeed in their fields succeed because they are the very best at what they do, they do not blend in to routine or live freely without a purpose or direction. When I started writing in high school I was doing it because it was a hobby until I realised that I would actually like to be a renowned writer one of these days so I can impact people’s lives in a positive way. Since my realisation things became very clear for me and my writing has become better over time. This did not happen with me dwelling on trends and other fruitless stuff our youth is so concerned about. Some do not even have a plan where they will be in five years. DIRECTION IS WHAT I AM PREACHING TODAY. KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING DEAR FRIENDS; KNOW WHY YOU ARE GOING WHERE YOU ARE GOING. It is no wonder why we have students who sit in university for double the time they were initially supposed to be there, it is no wonder why we have so many unemployed youth and countless drug addicts out there. This is caused by lack of direction and purpose in life. Do not make a mistake about it, be very clear about what you want in life, write it down, do whatever you have to do to get there. When you know what you want you have direction and when you have direction you know where you are going. It is better to know where you are going than to get shocked by the destination. It is up to us to oil up the economic engine of South Africa, let’s pay our dues in this game so that when we finally make it; it is worth it. We have been given this freedom by those who came before us; the least we can do is prove that we deserve it. Existence is given; Life is a choice – Ashley Thekiso