lisptcik 3 More ladies are abandoning lip glosses for lipsticks, but the challenge is with having the lipstick last you through most hours of the day. Well today, we bring tips on how to get your lipstick to last longer and rescue you from walking around with chipped lipstick. First and foremost, ensure that you exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin. This will keep your lips soft and subtle. You may use, honey, sugar and olive oil or avocado oil and use a toothbrush to scrub nightly. A lip balm is a necessity at all times; apply a small amount before getting with your daily beauty routine, to keep your lips moisturized. This should be followed by light cream foundation application on the lips. Foundation on the lips is one of the key secrets in getting your lipstick to last longer. Lipstick2 Apply lip liner around your lips (always choose the same color as your lipstick). This helps to lay the foundation for the lipstick and apply a little from the edges of the lips in to the center. Ensure that you have a lip brush on hand for your lipstick application. Using a lip brush instead of applying the lipstick directly from the container is not only hygienic but effective for reaching in between the lines in your lips. LipstickKisses-SM Round off your lipstick application with concealer to clean up around the lips and to give your lips a clean wedge. Make sure you apply the lipstick throughout the day to make sure it stays well stained and fresh. You now have no excuse to be seen walking around town with chipped lips. Utilize the tips and don’t be afraid to be daring and bold with your lip colors. Follow @sallyledwaba on facebook and instagram and Like: The Nunbian Hub on facebook for more beauty and fashion tips. Photocred: and