Thousands of hearts broke this past week after Zayn Malik from One Direction announced his decision to leave the group permanently, even though the boy band is currently in the middle of a world tour. Malik, who has been part of One Direction for five years, claims that he wasn't happy in the group anymore.  "I did try to do something that I wasn't happy doing for a while, for the sake of maybe other people’s happiness—and that was mainly the fans," he had told MTV. He furthered his reasons by saying that he feels like he's let his fans down, but also that they've been "really cool" about his departure. Contrary to what the 22-year old singer is saying, the internet is proof that fans are definitely not cool with it. Thousands of fans have threatened to commit suicide via the Twittersphere and other social media sites, begging Malik to return to his now former boy band. And what about South African fans? How do they feel about it, with a concert looming on the horizon? One fan said that he is completely devastated and upset - he paid to see all the members of One Direction; now he'll only be seeing 0.8 Direction. Love them or hate them, the boys have a widespread fan base and their music has influenced a lot of people. Even though it seems to be a career out of the ordinary, it is still a career. A job in which the entertainers have to do exactly that: entertain. The question begs to be asked: was this move not a tad unprofessional? The One Direction 'On the Road Again' concert will be performed in South Africa this weekend on the 28th and 29th of March at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, and on the 30th at the Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town.