By Ashley Thekiso @AshOfCeremonies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [Program Director/MC, Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer] Dear fellow hustler:   So I am sitting at the kitchen table on a Friday at midnight writing this article for you guys; maybe I am actually crazy but I guess it’s the same type of crazy Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King Junior had. I know most legends were just crazy peeps trying to change the world and I have no problem being like them; I have no issue with being different. You see the problem with society is that it has gone so bad that doing well in life is more involved with having a nice car and fancy clothes than it is to do with social impact and making an economic change. We live in a time where it is not attractive or popular to be a hopeful individual working towards something much bigger than you.   Today I will talk about Hope in the Hustle… [Hope is having something to look forward to]   It is impossible to live with no hope of any possible good happening in your life. There will be those sour people who try to hide their goals because they fear they will not accomplish them but still every single human being has something they are looking forward to whether they are conscious of it or not. You see dear hustler; life is not as complex as we all think it is. Too many people live ignorant lives; ignorant of other people, ignorant of opportunities and ignorant of great relationships that will benefit them.   The ideal hustler is not ignorant but rather observant of his/her surroundings ensuring that every opportunity is taken advantage of. The hustler is he who maintains his faith in the most terrible of situations. What makes us different as entrepreneurs is not that we do not have problems but the fact that we maintain our hope through the obstacles God gives us as tests to see whether or not we are ready for the type of success he has prepared for us. We pierce through the hardest of circumstances because we have a purpose of why we do what we do. When one comes from a hometown where it is a luxury to have a something as simple as a car, it is really up to us as entrepreneurs to take it upon ourselves to play the example by simply making a super success with our own lives. To at least find ourselves in a position where we can use ourselves as examples to say we made it and we are not from money or wealth; to be able to look a young person in the eye and say you can make it just like I made it if you maintain your faith in your hustle and never lose hope.   Hope is vital for success simply because to be without hope is like being without a soul as it is not possible to live without a yearning/zeal for any possible good in the future.   It is up to us to oil up the economic engine of South Africa, let’s pay our dues in this game so that when we finally make it; it is worth it. We have been given this freedom by those who came before us; the least we can do is prove that we deserve it.                   Existence is given; Life is a choice – Ashley Thekiso