It can't be argued that Kanye West has had a successful rap-career thus far. According to his Wikipedia page the rapper has won a total of 21 Grammy awards and he has sold over 21 million albums worldwide. However, any artist with many fans will also fall victim to having many haters. This same Wikipedia page as mention above was the topic of discussion this week after someone changed its URL to "". By typing in this URL address, one will be redirected to Kanye West's full Wikipedia page. The URL prank was designed as an attempt to mock him publicly. LIKE MICAMPUSMAG FB PAGE FOR MORE Even though this prankster hasn't been identified yet, it hasn't stop the internet from erupting with reaction. Tweets have been sent out from users praising and laughing at this joke. West is known for his rather truthful and honest opinions - who can forget the Taylor-Beyonce debacle at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? But isn't this a bit too cruel, even for Kanye? Or is the rapper getting what he deserved? Below is a screenshot of the URL and the Wikipedia page it presents: kanye-loser