What if  a two-year old earns more than you do? Ponder no more. Rapper 50-cent's son just landed himself a modelling contract. The two year old Sire will be modelling for a company called Kidz Safe, after signing the R8 million contract. As if the little guy isn't lucky enough, his dad also bought Sire a miniature car to match his own for his second birthday. The 39 year old rapper picked out the model himself, which turned out to be a mini Mercedes ML450 SUV; a smaller representation of his own car. The birthday celebrations continued on Monday after 50 Cent footed a hefty bill at the end of the evening. While he is out spoiling his youngest, he is still not on speaking terms with his eldest, Marquise. According to the 17 year old's mother, they haven't spoken to each other since 2013.