Sunday morning brought with it the news of Collins Chabane's death. The 55-year old Minister of Public Service and Administration was killed in a car crash on his way back from Limpopo . It is believed that the driver of Chabane's Volkswagen Touareg could have been travelling at a speed close to 200km/h when he collided with a truck making a U-turn on the N1 highway, killing Chabane, his bodyguard and the driver. Judging by the drag marks, experts say that the crash could not have been avoided. They confirmed that the Touareg was hit at a very high speed and the top half of the car was completely torn off. The truck involved in the collision was making a U-turn in order to get to a smaller truck on the other side of the highway when Chabane's car collided with it. It is believed that the driver of the truck was driving under the influence of alcohol and it hasn't been the first time: he has already been arrested on a previous occasion for drunk driving. Besides that, his driver's license is also believed to have lapsed. The truck driver has been arrested on scene and will appear in the Polokwane Magistrate's Court on Monday.