‘Tripping forward is still a step ahead’ By Ashley Thekiso @AshOfCeremonies                                                                                       [Program Director/MC, Entrepreneur & Freelance Writer] Dear fellow hustler:   You’ll been falling? Well; I know I have, infact sometimes it’s on my knees that I fall but it’s never on my back because I know that I will always get back up. I have grown to know that falling is not what matters but what you learn from falling and standing up to run on further is what matters. You see my fellow hustlers; as much as animals can walk, we all have our dull moments in life. My biggest concern today is getting from that dull moment to your great, awesome, positive and confident you.   As much as we have to trip and fall to learn how to walk better the next time around we have to try by all means to trip and fall forward. It may be inevitable to fall once in a while but it is not a must for us hustlers to fall backwards. It is not our thing as young positive and driven minds to fall into the back row of mediocrity and the programmed world of the average. Our thing is to stand up and keep running like nothing ever happened; there will always be those that judge from the sidelines but you just keep running and ignore those distractions because they are in the sidelines for a reason while you are in the marathon. Falling forward is about measuring your risks so much that if you were to lose out, you just land on your knees because it is much easier to get up from your knees than it is to get up from your back. We are often told to stand up and dust ourselves, I say stand up and run because that dusting yourself will not help you win the race and no one will ever judge a winner of being so dusty; if anything you can dust yourself at the finish line.   It is amazing how some people keep fighting for what they want in life regardless of what goes on in their lives or what obstacles they face. These people are not anymore special than you and I; these peeps are people who have a purpose for why they are in the hustle; this purpose is usually much bigger than what seems possible at the time. Many of our role models have gone through situations that we can only imagine of going through however they come out guns blazing and wanting more challenges out of life. The amazing thing about these people is not that they have gone one through obstacles and still got to success but it is the fact that they are still willing to go through more and bigger obstacles to get to a higher level in life than they are now. It’s simple; when you fall ensure that you fall forward with your knees because even that represents a step forward and you are definitely getting further than the guy who is standing still.   It is up to us to oil up the economic engine of South Africa, let’s pay our dues in this game so that when we finally make it; it is worth it. We have been given this freedom by those who came before us; the least we can do is prove that we deserve it.                   Existence is given; Life is a choice – Ashley Thekiso