Unilever will be running a winter internship for aspiring graduates in the following fields: - Human Resources, Marketing, Research & Development, Supply Chain/ Supply Chain Management or Finance. Applicants must have a 60% academic average, must be working towards an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in 2015, must be busy completing their penultimate or final year of studies and must be able to relocate locally during the 4 week course. Successful applicants will partake in a 4 week course during their summer or winter holiday. This course will involve continuous coaching and mentoring to support development . During this course applicants will have a chance to engage directly with Unilever's business leaders. All students, foreign and South Africa studying at a South African university must apply through the South African process. FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS: if accepted, foreign applicants will be based in one of the following countries - Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda Zambia and Zimbabwe, CLOSING DATE: 10 APRIL 2015 To apply, please follow the link below: http://puffandpass.co.za/unilever-winter-vacation-programme-june-july-2015