Over the Easter weekend the statue of Paul Kruger had been the newest target of the apparent monument vandalism taking place in South Africa. The statue in Pretoria had been defaced with green paint.   Members opposing this vandalism have taken it upon themselves to be chained to Paul Kruger's statue, with numbers rising up to 200 people. A petition has also been signed to act against the defacing of the statue and it has been said to already have collected 12 000 signatures. Another statue facing vandalism is the one of Cecil John Rhodes situated at the UCT campus. A meeting that was held to decide the future of this statue, has been stormed by UCT students. This meeting has gained significance on social media and the hashtag #RhodesMustFall is currently being used to voice opinions on this matter. The Horse Memorial statue in Port Elizabeth has been more than vandalized, with the rider completely broken off of the stand. This statue was a memorial of the 300 000 horses lost during the Anglo-Boer war, depicting the kneeling rider providing water to his horse. Are these acts of vandalism showing disrespect to our country's history? Or is it merely the dawn of a new era? Whatever the case might be, history can never be erased, no matter how many statues are broken down or vandalized. Instead of breaking down a past that has already occurred, why not focus on the future?