Midnight Oil By Ashley Thekiso @AshOfCeremonies   [Entrepreneur & Columnist] Eyta ma peeps:   Life gets very real as you get older and you start to wonder whether the plan you had for your life will work out as you had planned it. It is quite okay to be concerned if you do not see any progress; besides your hard work deserves to be seen after all does it not? Today I would like to talk on work ethic a little more in depth. You see dear hustler, the most successful people on earth are rarely the smartest people. These successful individuals are successful because they did more than their peers at work and in entrepreneurship after they had left the work environment.   ‘It is not how hard you can hit but it is how hard you can get hit and keep fighting that will matter at the end of the fight’- Sylvester Stallone. You wonder sometimes why you do not get noticed in the work you do; well I will tell you now it is because you are blending in by working just as hard as everyone else and working the exact same hours as everyone else too. The only way to do more than your peers is to spend more time and energy on your craft than they do, it is to give more to your craft than you do to television or entertainment because a true entrepreneur does not need entertainment as there are no empty parts of his life that need filling because he is kept by his hustle at all times.   Many of us spend our nights drafting and perfecting our missions just in case we are successful sooner than we thought we would be. We try by all means to be ready for the success of the next day by working longer and harder than peers who prefer to indulge in entertainment and sleep. It’s not that I have more hours in a day but my motto is quite simple; I choose to start the day with sleep meaning that I sleep at midnight everyday so that I have better control of my sleeping duration and also so that I can keep track of my productivity and in turn have more time to work on my craft. Some call it crazy but I call it the Ash way of living a 25 hour day. We can all do much more if we put in the time and effort into the things that will get us closer to success. Go out there this week and burn that midnight oil.     It is up to us to oil up the economic engine of South Africa, let’s pay our dues in this game so that when we finally make it; it is worth it. We have been given this freedom by those who came before us; the least we can do is prove that we deserve it.                   Existence is given; Life is a choice – Ashley Thekiso