Mmusi Maimane was recently elected as the new leader of the Democratic Alliance. At lunchtime today he was live tweeting to the citizens of South Africa, answering as many questions as he could. This hashtag was trending within the first few minutes, reaching almost 50 000 tweets at 14:00 this afternoon. Maimane answered serious question posed to him by fellow Saffas such as how he plans to act against poor service delivery, what his take is on BEE, the concern over increasing higher education fees and, of course the favorite: "When will Zuma pay back the money?" According to his tweets in response to these questions here are some of the replies he sent out this afternoon: - In connection to poor service delivery: "It's about building strong institutions and hiring the right people; that way accountability will come." - His take on BEE: "The DA fully supports policies of redress that create jobs for everyone (not just a connected few)". - On increasing higher education fees: "We need to ensure that NFSAS is increased and provide alternative studying options." - On Jacob Zuma's debt: "I have written to the Speaker requesting that the Police Min report be tabled, so the Pres. can pay. We will make sure." Some of the more lighthearted tweets that went out asked him what he had for lunch, whether or not he'll make Tim Harris deputy president to secure female votes and even asking how Helen Zille liked her tea. This is a prime example of how social media is busy breaching the gap between parliament and the citizens of the country. It's effective in terms of using it as a correspondence tool and it's exactly the type of initiative we need as a country to show that we are one; this is our country. But will promises embedded in tweets be sufficient in winning over the hearts and votes of millions of South Africans? Only time will tell.   To view the tweets submitted by Twitter users, simply click on the hashtag #AskMmusi