Imagine going to the doctor to get a flu vaccine only to be tested positive for leukaemia. Imagine finding out that your husband and the father of your three kids is your brother. Imagine waking up in a pool of your grandmother’s blood and your 6 year old brother is holding a knife. Imagine traveling to the city of gold with hopes and dreams only to end up being forced into prostitution. Imagine being trafficked by your best friend. Imagine being your father’s rape victim for 16 years; imagine forgiving him later and taking care of him till the day he dies. Imagine building your company up from nothing only to be taken by a millionaire and sold in pieces. Imagine learning you are bipolar waking up with your twin brother with a knife in his stomach. Imagine finding out that your father is a drug supplier. Imagine doing your best at university after being awarded a bursary but end up failing all your modules not because you are stupid, because your late mother visits you in your sleep. Imagine giving your heart to someone, all of it and they collect a bet from their friends because “50 bucks says I can get her.” Imagine having to deal with the pain of accidentally shooting your little brother and now your family doesn’t even want to look at you. Imagine applying for 20 job positions every week for 5 years with no single company calling for an interview. Imagine having to convince someone that you love them but all they see is a foolish girl with no ambition. Imagine giving all you have in this life only to die with nothing too. This piece is dedicated to everyone who has been through anything and everything that made them consider taking their own life. You are not alone; there are people out there who have been through the worst shit. As an individual, don’t go around playing the victim and complaining to everyone and bitching about everything. Like they say, “everyone is out there fighting their own battles, don’t be a cunt about yours.” Learn to accept the person that you are and remember that circumstances aren’t your disadvantage; they are there to make you wise. There isn’t a measurable amount of problems that one needs to go through to be put in the heart-breaking category, one is enough to either drive you crazy or make you stronger. Wake up every morning telling yourself that you will one day be victorious because it takes a stronger person who knows that they have had enough to change their journey in life. screenshot_2015-05-06-19-39-03-1 by Karabo Masedi Read More on