MiCareer 1. When did you start rapping? GIGI LAMAYNE: I started as a poet at the age of 10, then my mother suggested that I start rapping since she was a Fugees fan. 2. What or who influenced taste in music? GIGI LAMAYNE: Most old school female rappers such as Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Da Brat, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot. 3. How has your sound evolved from El Principio to colour of reign to Circus café? GIGI LAMAYNE: The Hip Hop sound evolves all the time, so I have to keep up with the times and stay current. My sound has matured with age. 4. What are your future plans for 2015? GIGI LAMAYNE: This year I’m just gonna keep dropping singles, collaborate with other artists and just grow the Gigi LaMayne brand. 5. Are you currently working on an album? Album name drop? GIGI LAMAYNE: Not necessarily, but I’m always in the studio recording songs. The plans for an album are aimed at 2016. 6. Congrats on signing to dream team SA; do you consider this your big break? GIGI LAMAYNE: Thank you. This is a dream come true for me. This is what I’ve been working hard for, for the past 4 years. 7. What do the awards you won mean to you? Best female at the SA hip hop awards two years running, that’s very impressive. GIGI LAMAYNE: The best part about winning those awards is that I won those awards on my own, I was unsigned and doing everything for myself. 8. Where do you see yourself in 5years time? GIGI LAMAYNE: In 5 years I see myself being an award winner against the boys, being a young and successful businesswoman. MiBeginnings 1. Where did you grow up? GIGI LAMAYNE: I grew up in Soweto but later moved to Joburg South. 2. What kind of a kid you are growing up? GIGI LAMAYNE: I was very much of a tomboy, I always played and competed with the boys. 3. Were one of 5 students in high school to be chosen for the Branson scholarship, you currently a student at one of the most prestigious Universities in Africa (Wits), why a career in rapping? GIGI LAMAYNE: Rap is the best form of expression. Hip Hop is the urban pop culture that most young people can relate to. 4. Do you remember your first stage name or has it always been Gigi Lamayne GIGI LAMAYNE: My stage name has always been Gigi LaMayne, and it’s taken from my real names and surname. 5. What kind of music did you grow up listening? GIGI LAMAYNE: Everything that was played in the house, like Hip Hop, Reggae, Ballad, Soul and Kwaito. 6. Most female rappers are believed to have been tom-boy; do you fall under the stereotype? GIGI LAMAYNE: I was a tomboy when I was younger, but I have transformed to a lady-like. MiRelation - ships: • Sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you? GIGI LAMAYNE: Just being there for me when I had self-esteem issues. • Ideal romantic date? GIGI LAMAYNE: A getaway for two in a game resort. • Relationship status? Single, but not looking. MiQuickFacts: • Dream collabo? GIGI LAMAYNE: HHP and De Banj • Which degree at Degree at Wits? GIGI LAMAYNE: BA (Media Studies and Anthropology) • Embarrassing stage moments? GIGI LAMAYNE: When some guy fiddled with the sound while I was on stage and people thought it was my fault.