I am jumping for joy, possibly for one of the saddest things to happen in my life and I don’t care even if it makes me appear heartless and cruel. News is our house got sold (was on the market for a couple of weeks) and we are moving out end of August and I can finally exude my excitement and splash it everywhere. I am also excited because my mother finally decided to leave my father and it has been quite a show that I can finally say “The End!”. Honestly they are miserable together and call me selfish and inconsiderate all you want because my sisters are “young and need both parents” blah blah blah I don’t give two shits about it. They won’t be the first ones to come from a broken family and besides my mother has been practically a single parent even though a “man” is has been around [yes I’m using that term very loosely and I don’t care because I’m happy]. Do you know what this means though? A new beginning somewhere nice and I’m hopeful that my mom will be happy wherever she chooses to go. I feel sorry for my father because he will not have anyone around to care for him because he’s used to having things handed to him on a silver platter. However, cheers to the great things that are yet to come though I won’t celebrate now before we actually move out then I’ll know it’s for real. I have waited for years for this to happen and FINALLY!! It is indeed bitter sweet for all of us. Read more of Karabo Masedi's Blog on https://honestencounters.wordpress.com/