Well I wonder why it is normal to society that a person is shocked by success. What is it, luck maybe? I just don’t believe in luck being a factor in the progression of life. It is weird how people base their faith on luck, ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’. When one wants something as a kid there is a deep routed believe that it is possible to acquire that specific thing but it vanishes into the world as we get older in most people, there is no sense of believe in oneself so much that any form of progress comes as a shock. It is like we are always on auto pilot unconsciously waiting for life to bring some sort of tragedy to wake us and even when we do wake up, it will not be too long until we are back in our little auto pilot worlds. My game is about expecting the progress because it is my right to succeed when I work straight through multiple mid nights to ensure my craft is what I want it to be. Death, accidents and disease should definitely be part of the things that come as a shock to a young thought leader but definitely not success. Why are you working towards something and you are not absolutely positive about the outcomes? A leader of industry is not a leader at all if they did not believe and expect to be a leader before they became a leader. It is silly how one can want to be successful and not expect to be successful. If we were to look at the best entrepreneurs of our time we will notice a common trait in all of them. This common trait is optimism, it is noticed by looking into the history of successful Multi Millionaires who started from nothing and yet bootstrapped great brands such as the Apple Company. This success thing is a journey that we have to enjoy regardless of circumstances because we never know if it will be our last hurdle to enjoy before we blow up. What is the one thing you are looking forward to as a new generation entrepreneur? Why is it that the rush of chasing deals excites you but the acquiring of those same deals that you chased so tirelessly still come as a surprise to you? Well it technically just means that you didn’t quite work hard enough, it means that you did not give your absolute all into acquiring the deal. It is of utmost importance that you never fail in the process of giving your absolute all to identifying your purpose and fulfilling your dreams regardless of your circumstances. He who does work to the best of their ability should never expect anything else but victory and positive results but if the negative happen there will be a lesson to dwell on. Existence is given but life is a choice- Ashley Thekiso Book Ash for a Personal Branding Consultation or Talk at ashley@sitemasters.co.za