The precious gift from God is ever often referred to as a child; a new born baby brings back love and unity in each and every particular home. A child reminisces the skill to parent and enables their abilities in raising someone. However, remember raising a child is not a child’s play, statement taken from the different types of parents we have in community, school and also in workplace. A parent in every child’s life becomes the mediator in between the success of child and also a fair. However, this does not mean our parents’ determine our altitudes in life. A parent role is to be in each and every moment in a child’s life, in order to enjoy the moments of being a parent and also the fruitful moments of just raising a wonderful gift from God. Our parents instill unbearable values in our childhood, values that we as often refer to as magic to success. Parents spend their whole life and good part of our lives too, caring for us, cherishing us, assisting and guiding us, yes sometimes even reproach us, but at the end of the day, from the moment we are born, they are everlastingly tied to us, in a way no other relationship can be. One is unable to even begin to account for how much our parent’s impact our lives. From adoptions we make, to the values we have, they form the basis of our future, accurately. I often refer to my parent as a life skills teacher, a friend and sister. Whenever we at home, there are times in which I would see her, as teacher, and constantly say “That was a great lecture mom,” with a tease.  However, even with even our relationship problems they always know better than we do. We tend to forget sometimes our parents they have once in the stages that we in at now. A parent sometimes becomes that harsh. There is also that love-hatred moments and yet they make us very strong. Within the values that our parents try to indulge on us, it happens that a child takes a wrong turn, and who do we blame for that? If a child feels the values and guidance given by parent is not better than that one can invent? Are our parents given a scale on how to raise their own children and what values should they instill in us. Thus, we always find a large number of street kids because of what we referred to as our parents being harsh on us, forgetting that being strict at times will definitely reward us in the long run in life. Ours parents are the role models of the world; they are the key of the life. Let us all embrace the values and knowledge given by them and appreciate every moment we have with them. A moment shared with a parent is brings back good memories in life, no parent wishes for the bad for their children no matter how bad their child could be. A love from a mother brings soulful peace into the loving and respecting person I am today.  This is my tribute to all the parents brewed their children and guardians who have taken a parents role. Written by Sizwe Zubenathi Mapapu