The Mandela Day is derived from the celebration of the late legends big day. Nelson Mandela International Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each18 July. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held on 18 July 2010. It was also a chance to unite our people and also it has been said in the news.

This day is desgined for all citizens to give back to community by doing something in the 67minutes on the day, infect at any other given day. On this day rest of the world go to places and give those in need and needing the help and something to smile about. They cal this day, a day that unites the rest of the world and in actual fact,it creates division and plays a role in Inequality in our country.

South Africa is still in recess of fighting Inequality and the different classes whom we are being labelled on. And in my own opinion Mandela Day has not yet done its purpose or done justice to the matter. Globally we need to look at to what the day brings back and be able to get the meaning to our people. Whilst the Capitalist are busy celebrating the Mandela Day and taking all the credit, the working class is working very hard in work places making money for the Capitalists.

We have these different classes, the ruling class which are the Capitalist and same people very forward on this day. Out of one episode of Generations I have watched,which were about Mandela Day, I saw that these Capitalist are using this day as their own benefit,to not only be recongised but also to be given a credit. And remember the television shows we watch, are the reflection of our daily lives and they give an insight picture of what happens daily.

Then we have the working class, when we speak or the ruling class addresses, working class is being encouraged to take part on these events in honour of Tata Madiba. However,the reality is,the working class never gets the chance to honour the father of the Nation because most work till late,and working for the same capitalist who only taking the credit to themselves about this Honouring of Late Father.

I still feel a recreation of this Mandela Day should be re-done, because to us the working class it feels like we empowering the rulling class to have more power. State should give this day to our people, Make it a Public official day and let working class enjoy and honour the late Tat'Mandela.

In a netrual senses dealing with Inequlity should start here,know where as working class stands. This is our country and the late Tat'Madiba is our Father

By Sizwe Zubenathi Mapapu Founder of -Kasi Holdings Media Company