In South Africa, news headlines in the media often put the spotlight on drug and alcohol abuse. The moral decay and poor decisions that thrive amongst the youth dominate media reports and we often don't read about the triumphs of their corrective behaviour such as successfully completing a drug rehabilitation program, but today we change the tune.

Someone in Cape Town’s 6-week journey through a City-run rehab program, and the person whose life this campaign was based on, is doing well in recovery.

The 6-week journey is documented on a Facebook page that follows his day to day activities that contribute to his recovery. The page posts are about his day to day struggles, triumphs and worries in a diary entry format and anyone can comment and share their thoughts, concerns and words of encouragement directly to the page. Furthermore he has a YouTube channel which serves as his video blog throughout his rehab journey with more than 300 subscribers and over 20 000 views for his video diaries.

His 52-day journey to soberity on the 6 weeks program ended last month on a positive note, although his journey continues beyond the public eye. The campaign began with the ambition of raising awareness about substance abuse and serve as a beacon of light to those stuck in the limbo of substance abuse.

Unfortunately the struggle for thousands of other drug users throughout the City of Cape Town remains a very real challenge. But for this one young person, he reached the 52nd day mark by tackling the challenge one day at a time with the support from his family and friends and all those virtually routing for him via social media.

As the saying goes, "It’s not about how many times one falls, but it’s about how many times one gets up", the journey has not been easy and the virtual public has been supportive and seen him through his darkest disappointments and tribulations since 2010 on Facebook.

Estelle Macdonald on Facebook posted as the campaign came to an end:

"SO well done "Someone in Cape Town" for step- by-step working thru' your 6-week journey in the rehabilitation programme. Continue on now, step-by-step through the next phase of your recovery, as you create this new, clean, "proud- to-be-you" life you've embarked on!!! You're a hero, and an inspiration, and proof that IT IS possible, with determination and FAITH!!"

This campaign has not only transformed one recovering addict from Cape Town but has touched more lives around the country whereby more than 500 people reached out for help using the free drug helpline offered by the City. 

If you know a anyone suffering from the effects of substance abuse in their lives or you yourself have fallen into the detrimental limbo, call the City of Cape Town’s 24-hour drug helpline on 0800 4357 48. The operators are there to help.