1. Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, a start-up company or other organization. The entrepreneur develops a business plan, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. The definition above states a lot of aspects of entrepreneurship that many small company CEOs/owners do not notice. I was reading an article when I was prompted to search the definition of Entrepreneurship. I read the definition over and over again until it dawned on me that most of us new age, money crazed and creative entrepreneurs are too focused on the ‘now’ forgetting that to start a business and not see to it that it keeps growing is going against the definition.
  Being an entrepreneur requires you to keep repeating the above definition by action in your business ventures and taking full responsibility for the growth and financial success thereof. It is very simple to see from the above definition that if you are an entrepreneur you do not stop being an entrepreneur because you are now running a successful business entity. An entrepreneur is a serial asset accumulator who does not do business for anything else either than the fact that he/she is passionate impacting and putting dent on the economy. It should not matter how much is in your bank account, the dream is what should always be the focus and if the one dream is achieved then ‘on to the next one mate’. There are two ways about business in the New Age Entrepreneurs ways of thinking; 1 constantly growing and expanding the impact of one business entity or 2 creating successful businesses one after another either to sell or to help grow owner’s net worth by creating an empire of businesses.   It is only natural to think that while you are in a situation it is the biggest thing in your world however it is a totally different thing with Entrepreneurship. At the beginning stages of the hustle where everyone is trying to establish a Start-up that will get their business careers going many do not understand how the trouble and sleepless nights are only at phase 1. Start-Up are merely the start of a life full of sleepless nights, they are the start of effecting a big change to our economy from potential to thriving. If your dream ends at your first business you are most likely not the type of entrepreneur I am talking but today. You see; the entrepreneur I am talking about would find insult in merely being called a business person because it highlights the difference between a person who is trying to establish a cash cow to put bread on their table with a few luxuries and a person who is looking to drive a change in their chosen industries or the person who finds joy in being able to provide an opportunity for a community to sustain itself through innovation. Let’s not forget the dream [The Bigger picture/Priority] as new age entrepreneurs, like in the game of tennis a good swing without a follow through is pointless.