You will recall on our previous statement with regards to the issue of NSFAS, we made a promise to you as our constituency that we will continuously work and challenge NSFAS every time to fundraiser funds so that they address the shortfall that we have experienced as the university, we agree that shortage of funds is a national problem but we have a responsibility as the leadership to put pressure on NSFAS so that they see that the situation that we find our self as students seeks to exclude our black children from the working class family. Our mandate is to make sure that in our lifetime, we must have access to free and quality education and NSFAS is a vehicle moving towards that direction, we know that its not enough what we have done thus far and this is just a starter, after extensive and robust bilateral between the CSRC and relevant stake holders that are in charge of the NSFAS process we are happy to report to you that this are the outcomes; 1.All the final year students are going to be funded for the 2015 academic year, we ca not let students who are supposed to go and graduate and be bread winners in their respective family to be stopped because of shortage of funds. The has been officially confirmed and they will be signing LAD soon. 2.All the student who have applied for second semester and are meeting the minimum criteria (between 0 and negative EFC) are going to be funded for this semester , this include the appeals and private boarding students. 3. From the first semester allocation, we had 2304 students who qualified but where not funded due to sufficient funds, from that number 1100 students are going to be funded for the 2015 academic year as we have fundraised with NSFAS for them to be assisted. 4. The remaining number of students from the 2304 which is 1204, their debt for 2015 if NSFAS does not pay come 2016 academic year during the registration, their debt will be commuted and they will be allowed to register as students who are not owing because it was not their fault that NSFAS ran out of funds 5. All students who have a negative to Zero EFC, but have an average that is below 50% will be assisted immediately when we get more funding as we are continuing with the process of fundraising. 6.The university has agreed on the proposal from the CSRC that came during the process of fee discussion, an amount of R10 million is going to be set aside to assist students who are academically deserving from 2016 going onward. This is a full bursary that will pay for tuition, upfront and Residence. The criteria will be finalized by the CSRC and university official and it will ultimatly go to council for approval,this will also assist in free up the number of NSFAS applicants as student will be assisted with a bursary but not NSFAS loan. 8. No student that has been deemed fit and deserving by the criteria of NSFAS will be deprived an opportunity to register in 2016 registration, it is not the student faulty but the university. 9. It is sad to also indicate that we have 400 students who where allocated NSFAS and decide not to go and sign their LAD, those students were sent Email, SMS and also phone calls and did not take the award, that money has been allocated to other deserving student only for the purpose of it not to go back to NSFAS. 10.From the 78 Million shortfall that we experienced from NSFAS we are proud to annouce that it has been reduced to roughly 45 million and the process working hand in hand with NSFAS will continue. We would like to edge our students, specifically Final years that when they get call, SMS and emails to go and sign LAD they should rush and consult Financial Aid office, We have to be responsible young intellectuals. Furthermore, we want to emphasize the fact that not all problems are solved by taking it to the street but constructive discussion has proven to be a solution to other problems. We have been trusted with the responsibility of making sure that our students are not denied access to institution of higher learning and we will not rest until such mandate is carried out, those that are not assisted at the current moment we will fight tirelessly until they get to be funded. For more information contact Kevin Khuthadzo manavhela CSRC President 0785023374 or Lutho Xhanga Mhlontlo CSRC SG 0834950736