The African Vision VS the American Dream We have all heard of the American dream of becoming a millionaire in the famous American currency and living it up bling style, but are our African visions really a mere ball out and live large mission like our American counterparts? It is because of our challenges that we have unlimited opportunities to take on and make a huge success of that should be measured by the positive impact that we as Africans are making on our continent rather than the individual financial gain. Don’t get it twisted; there is absolutely nothing wrong with having the financial freedom to do as you please when you please. All Ash is saying is that to have a financial success in Africa is very different than to have it in a foreign state as each of us has a responsibility towards our people regardless of whether we know it or not. “Our experience over the last 20 years has shown that indeed people must themselves become their own liberators. You cannot wait for somebody else to come and rescue you”--- Thabo Mbeki “The African Renaissance is about creating a new Africa, about ending poverty and oppression, regaining dignity”--- Thabo Mbeki There is something significant about being a major influence and playing a role ’no matter how small’ in the economic growth of the continent that has been deemed to be the origin of all mankind. It means much more to be an economic leader in Africa than it does anywhere else mainly because there is a constant hunger for more and a sense of origin to world class innovation that some of us could not have been able to even attempt achieving before but for those who did make it regardless of those terrible days, for those Richard Maponyas, Miriam Makebas and Ivan Khosas I take my hat off. There are some legendary people who the media knows nothing of; I met an old man in an old age home once who told me of the businesses he was a part of in the 70s, how much he has achieved in his entire lifetime and how his success has helped him make an impact in rural North West. In his book ‘why A Students work for C Students’ Robert Kiyosaki says: Schools are about “How much money can I make” versus “How much money can I make serving others”. To me this is a great example of where we are in terms of entrepreneurship right now in Africa. We are focused on the united vision to transform our continent with innovation and making it into the economic hub of the world. Looking at that statement again I would say Africa is looking at impacting and empowering the people in it; we as Africans hustle with a bigger reason than money because with all great deeds in life money is a mere reward. 2015 has seen more and more foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in Africa because people are starting to realize and notice where the biggest and best opportunities are. I say this should be a sign, a clear sign that we have all we need right here where we are and all we have to do is find a platform on which to shine. My platform of being a Brand Strategist and Columnist is not yours to dance on and your platform is also not for me to dance on. “One can never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” ---Einstein.                             It does not take a prophet or visionary to see that you are good at something. Everyone knows deep inside where their talents lie however only few courageous visionaries will take on this chance to shine on a God Given Platform, to stand out on an African plane where you as an African are best suited to prosper. Let’s all dance in the rain of opportunities our continent has to offer instead of complaining of how much better our dollar-made counterparts are. I believe in The African Vision over the American dream of bling and living it up not because I am an African man but because I find it more spiritually rewarding to succeed while serving my own people. Article by Ashley Thekiso Brand Strategist at A.t & Associates Twitter: @AshOfCeremonies Facebook: Ash Thekiso