A closer look at discussions and developments from the student leadership front in different campuses is  that there are signals of a strong string of possible student strikes. The protests are likely to be seen in different campuses as was the case towards the end of last year. Some students have went on to express their views to their leaders in a form of simple questions such as "why so early"? This is as if there was ever a perfect time for student protests to brew.  READ ALSO: Language Policy Victory for Open Stellenbosch! Meanwhile at institutions such as the University of the Witwatersrand there seem to be mutual agreements between the FeesMustFall Movement and the SRC that all students must #Access the institution this year despite tuition fees affordability. This comes after university management agreed that all its outsourced and insourced workers children will access the institution for free. There is possibility that students in most institutions can register although they have not yet paid their 2015 tuition and or 2016 upfront payment. This instance can be a King Maker reason for possible protest. Universities are likely to demand that students' 2015 outstanding fees be settled before 2016 upfront payment fee free registration takes place. Most students have not secured funding, they will depend on student leaders to raise the funds for them or to force universities management to allow them to register although they have outstanding debt. With universities likely to argue that they have run dry on finances, students will have to take onto the streets. Would that be a fair reason for #FeesMustFall Protests? by Marole Mathabatha