In 2015 and before there where a lot of instances where students revealed to MicampusMag that they have to conform to certain forms of doing things otherwise they would fail. "Let's face it, most lecturers holding key positions in universities are white" a certain student even went up to the extend of saying that "This are the same white lecturers that used to embrace racism and exclude the African Folk on campus just for being black so how do you think they have changed overnight"? Intriguing as the points where it was surprising that 21 years after democracy, black students can face the same challenges as those experienced during Apartheid. With some universities having went up to the extend of saying that no students should write their name on exam and test scripts "this exercise has proved to be futile as the lecturers have names and student numbers in their databases, some even have student photos"

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2016 first year students must therefore brace themselves to all soughts of racial challenges. Certain students will claim they are superior than them based on skin colour. Class decisions will be about relationships students have with lecturers and all sorts of challenges. However some white students have claimed that the issue at times is that "our struggles are not the same and there are expectations from the majority that we must reduce ourselves to their economic level and that won't happen". A Black Management Forum member at the Wits Business School has stated that there are lack of black lecturers in the Business School thus resulting in Black students struggling with cultural differences with the white lecturers.