Riot suits, man in black, giant bouncers and increased campus control visibility is the order of the day at Wits. The return of #FeesMustFall has seen Wits beefing up security with more than 100 protection personnel on campus. Depending on how much they are being paid this might amount to the university spending in the region of R100 000 a day to protect itself from its own students. READ ALSO: Another #FeesMustFall Protests Might Brew in 2016 This is therefore a sign that there was a collapse in negotiations between student leaders and university management. With the university spending money, it would make sense if the issue at hand was not about money. There has been issues at Wits between management and internal security called "Campus Control" around them not getting some money that they are owed. With the exorbitant hiring of private security guards on campus, the university is proving that there infact is money in their security pockets but it is just not meant for internal security.