Since the suspension of the Nwu Mafikeng and ISRC President Dable Benz Mabengwane on the 25th of January. Students from various institutions have taken it to social media to show their grievances and frustrations. The campaign #BringbackMabengwane is gaining momentum each day since the suspension of Mr Mabengwane. Meanwhile in the Nwu Mafikeng campus students are frustrated with the registration process, whereby others are claiming that they stand in long queues and are not assisted to full satisfaction by the people in charge of the registration. Two final year students who did not want to be named said that they came to campus hoping they can be assisted with their outstanding fees and be helped to register and finish their final year of study but instead they were not assisted, with frustration and tears in their eyes continued to say their dream of having a degree is being shattered. With the exclusion of the CSRC from the orientation and registration process students face themselves without any form of hope. The National EFF Student Command have issued a statement saying that they are not happy with the decision took by the Nwu Mafikeng campus to suspend CSRC President Mr Mabengwane and they are calling for his reinstatement with immediate effect. Furthermore the EFFSC sent out a warning to the Management saying that "If Nwu management wants peace, it must reinstate the president of the students before they experience the highest form of anarchy".