By Matshidiso Title- Pay back the money Starring- Leon Schuster Co-writer- Gray Hofmeyer Genre- Comedy (teaser trailer) Release Date- 25 August 2015 Language- English Country- South Africa “Schuks! Pay back the money” is a South African comedy starring Leon Schuster. There hilarious movie was released late last year- 25 August 2015.  The release of the comedy took South Africa by storm. The comedy is distributed by The Walt Disney Company Africa under the Touchstone Pictures banner. People had immediate reaction towards the movie. Leon played a vital role in the movie, first by acting as a blind driver, driving young adults to the auditions. They were shocked to learn that he is a blind man and actually driving them. The movie was also has 310k views Mzansi, like other countries such as USA, amazingly has talent mostly in acting. Leon Schuster is a very creative individual. The comedy made money both national and international the minute it hit the shelves last year. Reviewing comedy is more interesting more especially when you can easily relate to it. Leon`s movies unites with South African. “Schucks! Pay back the money is also rich with candid camera gags for which Schuster is so well-known for. The teaser trailer accommodates the whole family.  “Schuks! Pay back the money”.