Focus : Social Entrepreneurship. The conversations was to create a diverse change in the community. Bring in the Youth into one space and create platform where different shared ideas are being expressed. However, it was also tried to make change in the social issues. Talks about social entrepreneurs. " Let us inspire change, and be proactive in our own society" said Siyabulela Sophi(DJ Mocca J) Ian Calvert, project manager of Red Bull Amaphiko further more interpreted Social Entrepreneurship, with a bread down, trying to get everyone engaging and finding the interrelated to the society. The first thing would be closing the gap between and creating something to move Forward which is working towards your dreams. This gives out the main purpose of Red Bull Amaphiko. Which gathers social entrepreneurs across the country and talk about their journeys and what have evoked start of their projects. Empower them and finding exactly the grass roots for funding for small social entrepreneurs. Red Bull inspires a change. The other issues that Conversation touched based on were on about turning the current problems and bringing solutions and bring out the best out of them. Thus, Social entrepreneurs are needed in our communities. However, finding the important things in life, finding purposes in life. What really matters is what drives us into being socially involved in our communities. Social entrepreneurs, trying to find why they doing particular project give them full substance in carrying on making a change in society. And being able to answer the "Why" question. It is important to look at market, trying to make impact in solving the problem, engaging the whole community and bringing solutions. "Finding impact in different problems faced by our communities and adding value in the society takes guts and someone who is socially involved " said False Bay Centre for entrepreneurship manager(Mr Olive Abe). Furthermore the discussions included one of the great people in the black community, which is Dillion Sipho Phiri(Founder of Creative Nestlings) whom at the age of 26 has done well for himself. He spoke about making ideas happen and taking charge and ownership of your own project. He added something very interesting into the conversations, which was not to focus on being social entrepreneurs only because that will limit us from being the best and following our dreams. "Start your own project with your different mind set, even if it is being rich because at the end of the day you will socially change situation by giving back to the communities" he said. 12735609_553011294864412_681249927_n Wandisile Nqeketho gave out the best advices to the Youth, and what steps needed to be taken in order to succeed as a Social Entrepreneur. The first Friday conversations hosted by Makhaza Lifestyle was not only to put them into the map but to inspire the whole of society. Everyone learnt something, made people think about their next step. Lastly it made all of us to drive for a change. 1st Friday Conversations are taking place every 1st Friday of the month at Desmond Tutu Community hall in Makhaza. For more information reach us on Facebook, Twitter and insta. Makhaza Lifestyle @makhazalifestyl By Sizwe Zubenathi Mapapu(Founder of Kasi Holdings)