2 They say dynamite comes in small packages, that's the story of Miss Natasha Loeto Sesing. She may be short in height but her vision, ideas and hunger to change the lifes of young people in South Africa and across the world is greater than Mount Everest. From a small village called Shaleng which falls under Taung district in the North West Province came this fearless, inspirational young woman. One may ask who is Natasha Sesing, well here we go. She is a young lady who is as old as South Africa democracy. A prospective Social worker who strongly believes in being a voice to the voiceless and restoring power back to those identified as vulnerable and powerless. She believe that entrepreneurship can not only change the pockets of our citizens, but also their mind-sets. She is a final year Social Work student at North West University Mafikeng campus. In 2013 she was invited to attend the 2nd Annual Global Peace Workship in Mugla, Turkey; and represented the north west province and country. She is a strong woman and believe she is called into the business world; not only to own her own string of business enterprises, but to also find strategic ways to bring struggling or dead businesses to life. Her prospective social work career allows her to cross pollinate between passion for helping others and her passion for social entrepreneurship. She strongly believe in capitalizing on her skills and talents. I believe in dreams and endless possibilities. The journey to one day leader began in 2012 while she was still in her matric, after countless rejections from the competition. She finally got the knot when she was selected among thousands of applications and made it to the top 90 of the competition. Being the youngest contestant in the show, the journey did not end there, she went on further to compete with other contestants to make to top 45 & top 20. As the competition got tougher, she raised her attitude to make it to last top 6. On the exclusive interview Ms Natasha said " my vision statement focuses on the poverty reduction strategies and innovative enterprise development" she stated that it is only through both formal and informal education that we can be innovative and combat poverty. She further explained her vision towards the youth of South Africa, stating that South Africa needs young people that are thinking tanks, the youth that can think out of the box. Young people that can come up with innovative ideas in order to combat unemployment and poverty. IMG_0313 We would like to congratulate Miss Natasha Sesing and wish her all the best in her journey on One day leader Four The one day leader show airs on Monday's 16:30 to 17:30 on Sabc 1 Tebogo Edwin Lesoro