Short Biography

My name is Thamsanqa Mangezi, but people just call me Thami for short. I'm currently 21 years of age, which means that i am a born-free of 1994. I am a third year student studying B com Economics and International trade at North West University Vaal triangle campus, the reason why i chose to study Economics is because it is an empirical science that we as human beings are engaged with every single day, it invites the concepts of Scarcity, Opportunity Cost and choice together, so for me its a beautiful people-orientated science. My hobbies would include swimming and ice-skating and of course modeling, which was the main motivation in making me enter the residence pageant and ultimately winning the Mr NWU Crown. I believe in helpful and investing what i have been blessed with to other people, there are number of social projects that i have done and not because i am Mr NWU but because of the selfless spirit that i have.I did a project based on a internal approach of going to orphanages and charities. I also went to High Schools to motivate the grade 11 and 12 with letting them know that it is not about where you come from but it is about where you are going.


My Experience at SA Campus

Being crowned Mr SA Campus for me was a wonderful experience though there were bundle nerves in the atmosphere among all the contestants, but one wise thing that i chose to do for myself is to forget about the situation focus on the true thami and how he would react in such a situation.

When we arrived i saw much taller and i must say much more build-up contestants and there i was the smallest boy who happens to be the shortest and skinny, so i had mixed feelings but i told myself that i will enjoy this weekend regardless the outcome. I then had a moment to myself later on that night reminding myself that, "it is better to be the full version of your short self rather than the half version of the next person

The second day we then went to an old age home, prior to that we had breakfast where we were informed about the old age home and we were motivated to write letters for the old people. So we all wrote three letters each and put them in gifts packs. If that visit was not a sign from Jesus Himself i don't know, we then prayed and then the grandparents gave us blessing and wished us the best of luck for tonight.

Then come the actual event of which we did not rehearse thoroughly like we should have lol. Then there was a pre-judgement session where they tested how we reason regarding the current affairs of our nation at the moment, issues such as the #feesMustFall Racism. Then in no time i was on the ramp walking like how a model should. The pageants had three wardrobes of which i was still confused what to wear when but nonetheless given the fact that i won i would love to believe that i got it right.

The announcement of winners was by far the most nerve-racking moment for me i was going to be content with being 1st prince or even 2nd prince but i guess God had bigger plans for me and then they announced, "and the winner is Mr NWU-Vaal" that was big for me.

I think the level of support that i received from our campus when i came back was majestic for me from the top management of the institutional office of the North West university to the student leadership at the Vaal campus to the SEAL department to the staff in the student center and security guards  to the ladies who clean it has been very overwhelming.

Another big moment for me was when the Vice Chancellor acknowledged me at the first years reception to all the parents and the first year students that alone not only reminds me that i am Mr NWU and MR SA Campus but also someone that has to lead with example both socially and academically