As of late, issues of race and ethnicity continue to dominate the academic discourse of many of our nations educational institutions as well as socio-political arenas. The heightened interest in these issues is in response to the demographic reality of demolishing racial inequities in our institutions. This week the NMMU Fees Must Fall  Movement (FMF) in solidarity with the national movement imbarked on a march to the 13th floor of NMMU's South Campus main building where they occupied the Dean of Arts Rose Boswells office. After having occupied the office for some time, the students were joined by Rose Boswell and a few other staff members. In this meeting students raised grievances faced on a daily basis within the Faculty of Arts and other faculties at the NMMU. A comprehensive memorandum which is said to be inclusive of all marginalised voices at NMMU was compiled. In this memorandum Students demanded a space that NMMU FMF, LGBTQI, Black as well as Disabled students can occupy, work in and call their own, the institution to remove racism survey on NMMU site, re-evaluate its conception of racism and the varsity's  transformation office, handing over of all reported rape incidents on campus to the police, Immediate termination of contracts of specific lecturers (list read out) towards decolonising the Arts Faculty, transparency from the Senate. The movement wants input in decision making, not representation by an SRC President, the drawing up of a clear succession plan to usher in progressive black academics within NMMU. The students also demanded that all white and non-Xhosa speaking staff members register for a free, compulsory IsiXhosa module. These demands along with others have been noted by Boswell and are being taken into consideration. The movement hopes for a follow up meeting by the 3rd of March.