Twenty Wits students will appear before court on the 22nd of February, 2016. This follows their arrest on Friday afternoon for what is said to be an “illegal” gathering, the twenty students form part of the Wits FeesMustFall, a Movement advocating for decolonisation of education system in South Africa. Among some of the issues which the movement has been trying to address with the University management is the lack accommodation for students who managed to apply for their registration to be waived but now have subsequently become homeless and hungry. Some of the students who managed to register have now resorted to sleeping in the computer labs and the 24hour library. All twenty of them will appear in Hillbrow Magistrates court on Monday, following their release on Friday evening. They were charged with contravening a court order which was acquired by the University in an attempt to curb what they deem “illegal” when coming to protests. When we spoke to some students regarding the continued protests on campus, some claim to be in full support of what the FeesMusFall Movement stands for, Thabo* a fourth year engineering student expressed his opinion on the ongoing protests at Wits. "The University has been good when coming to accessing the student community through our student emails and that allows them to shift the public opinion to their direction. There is an illusion that everything is back to normal yet some students are being sent home because their NSFAS appeal outcome is negative, I wish to hear more from the FeesMustFall Movement on campus" He said. Phathekile* a 3rd year education student expressed her opinion by saying that, student activism cannot be stopped, that Wits is a place where robust exchanges should never be silenced. “A lot of people hold the idea that, violence in a physical sense is problematic, I beg to differ because when you think of what academic exclusion can do to a person, surely that must be greater. A lot of students put on happy faces while dying because Wits is more conducive to rich whites. Student hunger is real, if you think taking to social media and condemning what FeesMustFall is trying to highlight sof supporting them, then surely something has to wrong with your thinking, rather keep your opinion to yourself” says Phathekile. Please Note: Not real name* By: Mpho Ndaba Photo Cred: Mara Mbele (Facebook)