Wits University student, Zama Mthunzi has caused a great debate over racism in South Africa, Mthunzi walked around campus wearing a t-shirt written "Fuck being black" at the front, the back part of the t-shirt is written "Fu*k white people" and because of the front part of the t-shirt, someone decided to lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission which in turn notified the University to investigate. When Micampus spoke to him, Mthunzi asserted that the intention was to actually cause a stir, which he had hoped will lead to a conversation around racism in SA." I was actually hoping that, the conversation will carry on beyond social media" he asserted. Mthunzi did say the t-shirt has been around and he walked around campus wearing it. He further went to say that the Penny Sparrow's racial slurs prove that a lot of white racists have been getting away without being punished. The interesting part in this debate is that, the front part of Mthunzi’s t-shirt is being ignored, this rasis questions which amongst others include " whether blacks can be racists because even if he as a black person utters "Fu*k white people" he occupies no position of power (economic) and therefore does not have any effect on a white person being actually Fu*ked, the same does not however apply to a white people who may utter "Fuck blacks" and this is due to the fact that any white person has an economic power which can ultimately see a black person being Fully Fu*ked. Based on the social media post on Facebook, some students at Wits decided to embark on what is called the "Fu*k" campaign which is aimed at conscientizing the masses on a number of issues. Issues which some of these students hope to rise includes the black exclusion which a number of a sblacks are experiencing at Universities across the country, other issues which the campaign will address is patriarchy, sexism, homophobia. To form part of this campaign, students are urged to paint their t-shirts “Fu*k” followed by something they feel strongly about. If you are around Wits, you are more than welcome to participate in the campaign, and to do so you are encouraged to bring a white t-shirt which you will be allowed to write "Fu*k" anything raging from patriarchy, sexism, black exclusion or militarization of campuses across the country. The Fees Must Fall movement did indicate that, they will be meeting during lunch time to show solidarity. By Mpho Ndaba Twitter: @Anthony_Base1