IEC-2802 By Matshidiso Are you ready for 2016 municipal elections?  It is that time of the year for South Africans to register to register for the upcoming elections. Municipal elections are held after every 5 years. This is where councilors are elected to govern a certain municipality for 5 years in a raw. Their job is to ensure that local services are met in their area. The due date for the current term is 18 May 2016. The exact date of the elections is still unknown.  According to the constitution, the elections will be held anytime between 18 May and 16 August 2016.   There are three kinds of municipalities: metropolitan, municipalities which are big cities. Local municipalities are towns and rural areas. Parliament`s Home Affairs Committee won`t let registered voters who changed their addresses to visit voting stations this weekend. They are also asking the youth, mostly first time voters to register. “we definitely call all young people and those who are of 18 years of age upwards to ensure that they go in numbers to their voting stations to register, so that they can vote and again we call on all people that are on the voter`s roll to go and check their registration physically at the voting station and amend or update their addresses on their registration to ensure that there is compliance with the latest electoral court ruling” says Lemias Mashile, committee chairperson.   The registrations will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Do the right thing; let your voice be heard. Register in order to vote for the upcoming municipal elections.