By Matshidiso In this day and age, there are many issues affecting South African students, but is violence a solution? Being a student comes with a couple of responsibilities and therefore students have to abide to them fully. Amongst the issues affecting students, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) surpasses any other grievances. One would think that financial aid issue is way overdue but it`s not entirely true, as this yearly problem won`t just be pushed aside without any concrete remedy to the issue. Student protest becomes the consequences of student issues not being met. However, these riots do not offer any solution. For the past weeks, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has been extensively striking. “Soshanguve campuses closed with immediate effect. Creating an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning is a critical importance to the university. Unfortunately, despite discussion between management, the CSRC and the LSRC and agreement reached, as well as an interdict that is still in force, a small group of people are continuing to disrupt activities at the Soshanguve Campuses. In view of stabilising these Campuses, a decision was taken today to close both campuses with immediate effect. Because of the increasing violence, intimidation and assaults, the university has an obligation to ensure the safety of our students. Resident students are therefore urged to vacate the residents by 14:00 tomorrow, 8 March 2016. Those students who are able to vacate the residences today, should do so. All relevant stakeholders, including parents, guardians and sponsors will be informed of this decision. The Soshanguve campuses will reopen for all activities on 5 April 2016. Only registered students will be allowed on these Campuses when they reopen. The recess scheduled for June and July 2016 will be utilized to catch up on the academic time lost as a result if this closure.  Soshanguve staff members will continue with their activities and should report for duty on Wednesday, 9 march 2016. Further details of arrangements will be communicated to staff members in due course.” Prof Lourens Vice-Chancellor& Principal