Yes, we all know university is all about studying. But that’s not all it’s about. It’s also about discovering who you are, making life-long friends and having fun. Students work hard but they also party hard.   But you have to be careful when you go out partying. Accidents happen, things go wrong and there are bad people out there. So next time you’re putting on those amazing ladies shoes or brand new shirt, think about these safety tips.   Know your limits Not everyone has the same alcohol tolerance and you have to get to know your body so you know your limit. Avoid getting drunk by drinking water regularly. While being tipsy is fun, being drunk can be dangerous for your health as well as your safety. It’s also really important you line your stomach by eating a proper meal before you go out.   Be aware at all times This goes hand in hand with not getting drunk. It doesn’t mean you can’t drink, it just means you have to be able to tell what’s going on around you. You should never leave your drink unattended or with someone you don’t know very well. Unfortunately, there are many people you can’t trust out there and you need to be vigilant.   Don’t go off on your own Stay with friends. You may feel like you know everyone at varsity and, if you’re living in a small student town, it may be true. But have designated party mates for particular nights, so someone at least notices if you go missing. Whether you’re locked in a bathroom or have become lost (or worse), there will at least be someone looking for you. And, if you do happen to drink too much, your friends will make sure you get home safe. If you’re going out with a huge group, ask someone to be your buddy that night and agree to keep an eye on each other.   Have an exit plan Before you leave your res room or digs you have to know exactly how you’re getting back at the end of the night. You may not want to think that far ahead, but it’s extremely important you’re certain about how you’re getting home. Whether it’s planning to walk home with friends or making sure you have enough data to book an Uber, plan ahead. Don’t ever get a lift with a stranger and never ever get in a car with a drunk driver.   You should most definitely enjoy all that student life has to offer. But make sure you’re always responsible about it.