Financially successful people tend to do things a little differently than other people. They’re hardwired to make decisions that other people just don’t consider. But that’s the reason why they’re successful. They know what they need to do to get there. As a student, it's essential you adopt these habits now. These are some of the habits of financially successful people.   They start young. Financially successful people are far more likely to start saving earlier in their lives. The reality is that compound interest takes time to work and those first few years of compounding is incredibly beneficial to building wealth. If you haven’t started saving yet, start today.   They save as much as possible. Some financial experts recommend you save 10% of your salary, others 15% and some 20%. Financially successful people don’t listen to these vague rules. Instead, they save as much as they possibly can, choosing to open a new annuity or unit trust investment whenever they can. They cut their expenses to the bare minimum and save the remainder of their income. This might be up to 50% or even 80% of their salary.   They look for other opportunities. This can mean having saving opportunities outside of their company pension or even working additional jobs on the side. They know they’re responsible for their futures and are willing to do what it takes to become successful.   They leave their savings alone. It might be tempting to touch your retirement savings when switching jobs. Or even more terrifying, leaving a job in order to gain access to retirement savings. But the reality is that you can never make up for that lost money and time.   They make use of the pros. There’s a reason you’re good at your job. And in the same way, there’s a reason your financial advisor will be good at managing your money. It is her job to manage money, to know the ins and outs of the industry and to give you the best advice. Don’t think you can do that job as well as your own.   They never stop learning. There is so much information available these days. It is everywhere. At the click of a mouse and stroke of the keyboard you can enroll in university courses from around the world, read countless helpful articles such as this one and listen to people far smarter than ourselves on podcasts and videos. Warren Buffett, businessman and investor, says he spends about 80% of the day reading: "I just sit in my office and read all day."   They make the most of every minute of the day. People who are financially successful aren’t found in front of the television. They make the most of their days by spending time with loved ones, working hard and finding ways to become even more successful. Underscoring the importance of working toward goals, entrepreneur, author and investor Gary Vaynerchuk says: “You want to know how to take control of your life? Everybody has time! Stop watching Lost! The way you achieve it is by working, don’t expect things to get handed to you.”   Lastly, financially successful people do more than show up at work, do the bare minimum, collect their salaries and go home. They’re willing to put in the effort, show what they’re capable of and get the job done.