Everybody needs a holiday every now and then, especially after the stress of exams. It’s important to get away sometimes and go somewhere you can really relax. The problem is, you’re a student and your budget is rather limited. You can’t afford a luxurious island vacation at a five-star resort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get away for a few days and really enjoy yourself. You need to unwind. And here’s how to do it without breaking the bank.   Go local This can mean going on a roadtrip to a nearby small town or drive across country to a city you haven’t explored yet. Unless you’re really lucky, you probably haven’t seen every corner of your country and you should take every opportunity to do so while you still get those long holidays (they don’t exist in the working world). There are few things better than packing your car up and hitting the road with some of your best mates. Snacking in the car, singing along to a great roadtrip playlist and stopping to Snapchat the sunset – what’s not to love above about a roadtrip? Of course, petrol isn’t cheap and you have to get your car checked fully before you get behind the wheel, but it’s more affordable (and fun) than 18-hour flight.   Make use of specials But you don’t have to take a road trip to save money on your vacation. There are tons of specials out there and you just need to keep an eye out. You’ll find loads of discounted flights outside of the holiday season. And there are always package deals (which include accommodation) being advertised all over social media. Plus, by making use of discounted flights, you save money that can then be used for other things, such duty-free fragrances or gifts for friends back home. Spend as little as possible on accommodation You’re a student and you’re probably don’t have the finances for luxury spas and expensive hotels. So, save money by staying in hostels or cheaper motels. You want to explore the place you’re going, so you probably won’t want to be indoors all that much anyway. And if you have friends and family in the area, make use of the free accommodation. Rather spend your money on enjoying your destination and all it has to offer instead of staying somewhere fancy. While you’re at university and you get those long breaks, make good use of the time you have. You work hard, so it’s important you relax and enjoy yourself when you can. Image: Pexels