So, you’ve just moved into your new digs and, of course, you want to throw a party. What better way to introduce people to your new home? And what better excuse to invite a whole bunch of your favourite people over?   But you can’t just throw any disgwarming. It has to be the best one anyone has ever attended. You want people to be talking about this night for years to come. And here’s how you can do that.   Pick a theme Without a creative theme, a digswarming is just an average house party. Don’t just pick any theme, choose one that has to do with your interests. If you’re a gym fanatic, why not have a workout-themed party. You don’t have to wear a sports bra, but put on your neon running shoes, sweatpants and tanktop. You’ll be surprised what people will show up wearing. Other great themes include: haunted house, movie characters and kids party.   Offer a few refreshments You’re a student, so chances are good you can’t afford to cater a gourmet meal for your digswarming. However, you can’t have absolutely nothing. Chips and dips are perfectly acceptable as snacks. If you want to be a bit fancier, try some inexpensive appetisers and bring some plates out every half hour or so. And when it comes to drinks, supply some good old alcoholic punch (a good host will include a non-alcoholic option). Your guests should, however, bring their own booze for when the punch inevitably runs out.   Playlist When it comes to entertainment, the most important thing is the playlist. Music is essential to any party. You can’t just focus on the bands and songs you like, you have to consider your guests’ taste in music as well. To be safe, go for the crowd pleasers of whatever genre you choose to play. If you like metal, play the more popular bands that people have often heard. Of course, if you’re into pop, just throw on some Taylor Swift and everyone will have a ball.   Moving into a new digs is exciting and planning your first digs party is even more exciting. So, plan ahead, pick a theme, get some snacks and put together an amazing playlist.